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Vol. 8, Special Issue 5 (2020)

Development and evaluation of mini tractor operated ridge plastering machine

Author(s): Dr. P Rajaiah, B Laxman, Dr. B Vennela and A Pramod Reddy

Abstract: Mechanization of bund or ridge forming is an important process in the preparation of the rice field before transplanting. Presently, the untilled soil near the bunds and corners of the field are prepared manually which is consuming more time and energy. The traditional manual bund/ ridge forming work is characterized by low efficiency, low strength, high cost and directly affects the profitability of rice farming. More over manually made bunds not properly aligned and compacted not last for long and causing rodent problem. Tractor drawn (35-45 hp) ridge plastering machines are commercially available to make or plaster the existing bunds by utilizing the tractor full P.T.O power which is not required for the purpose of making mere bunds . The same bunds also can be done by 18-25 hp range small tractors. Now a days mini tractors also being manufactured in India to address the mechanization problems of small and marginal farmers. In this context, a mini tractor operated ridge plastering machine was developed at FIM, Scheme, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, Telangana and evaluated in sandy loam soil with a moisture content of 31%. The machine can be operated with 18-25 hp range mini tractors. This attachment weighs about 390 kg with overall dimensions of 1,620mm length, 1,660mm width and 1,130mm height. The blades on the periphery of the disc pulverises the soil, the leveller levels the soil, and the rotating disc trims the bund and plasters it with pulverised soil. The roller attached to the rotating disc compresses the soil. During the field study, it was observed that, the field capacity of the machine was 833 m per hour with an average speed of 1.0 km//h. Overall dimensions of bund was 178 mm height and 288 mm width respectively. The angle between ground and the side wall of the bund is 1200. The fuel consumption of the machine was 3.42 l/h. The cost of operation of the machine was Rs. 700-800/ h. The cost saving was Rs.2000-2500/h over conventional method. This machine is suitable for both dry and wet conditions.

DOI: 10.22271/chemi.2020.v8.i5a.10369

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Dr. P Rajaiah, B Laxman, Dr. B Vennela and A Pramod Reddy. Development and evaluation of mini tractor operated ridge plastering machine. International Journal of Chemical Studies. 2020; 8(5): 45-48. DOI: 10.22271/chemi.2020.v8.i5a.10369

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