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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2016)
Fundamental investigation on the mechanisms of shape memory polymer reversibility

Author(s): S Javid, M Vatankhah

Abstract: Shape memory materials are a new generation of materials for numerous applications in the field of life and industry have found. The use of these materials in response to external stimuli such as temperature, light, electric or magnetic fields and changes in pH, a new technology in engineering science. Changing the properties of bulk materials such as changes in shape, color and refractive index of this is the use of external stimuli. In fact, these shape memory materials in their molecular structure and can store in its primary structure. Materials that exhibit shape memory, the ability to change shape and stay in a temporary shape and its permanent shape recovery are caused by external stimuli. Of shape memory materials in specific applications such as intelligent fibers, tubes with retractable liquidity, packaging and medical care, such as self-adjusting orthodontic wires and stents for blood vessels are open. In this study, an overall strategy reversible shape memory in a semi-crystalline materials was found that the strategy of combining three different behavior of shape memory include conventional one-way shape memory, reversible shape memory two-way and one-way shape memory, was obtained.

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S Javid, M Vatankhah. Fundamental investigation on the mechanisms of shape memory polymer reversibility. Int J Chem Stud 2016;4(4):43-45.
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