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Vol. 11, Issue 4 (2023)

A study on social problems of women laborers in rural and urban communities

Author(s): Radhika, Dr. Jatesh Kathpalia and Meera Rani

Labour is one of the key concepts of production and is considered to be most important not only because it is productive, but also because it activates other factors and makes them useful for production purposes. The study was conducted in Hisar district from rural and urban areas was drawn randomly Khrara of Haryana. Sixty women labourers were selected from rural area on the whole, to make sample size of women labourers. Women labourers play a multidimensional role like allied activities and domestic activities in addition of agriculture activities also. Women play a crucial role in agriculture activities like main crop production, livestock production, horticulture, post-harvest operations, fisheries etc., and allied activities the women involved such as management of dairy animals starting from collection and cutting of fodder to feeding, cleaning of cattle and cattle shed milking etc.
Most of the agricultural women labourer’s works is unpaid and they are ignored from the policy makers. To study the socio problems faced by women labourers in rural area. Data were collected on a pre-tested structured interview schedule which covered different aspects of problems. Researcher visited all the areas before data collections, Researcher himself gathered data by having interaction with respondents & these families that social problems more weighted mean was secured by rural respondents i.e. no provision of maternity leaves and got 1st rank followed by job insecurity, discrimination at workplace, medical aid is given in case of injury or any accident, work as much as male colleagues, mental harassment, gender based wage differentials, lack of family support, hesitant with male colleague, workplace adjustment and suffer from any health problems.

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Radhika, Dr. Jatesh Kathpalia, Meera Rani. A study on social problems of women laborers in rural and urban communities. Int J Chem Stud 2023;11(4):51-55.

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