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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2022)
Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) flower and its application in food industry: A review

Author(s): Anubhuti Dwivedi, Aparajita Priyadarshini and Sadhni Induar

Abstract: Mahua is a tropical tree mostly seen widely in the central and north Indian plane forest. It is known as the warehouse of no of phytochemicals and mostly used by the tribal people. It has numerous benefits in pharmaceutical and food industry. In Ayurveda the flowers have application in medicines with cooling properties. Mahua flowers are edible and consumed by the tribal mostly. It is rich in antioxidant and antimicrobial properties and used as food in tribal area. It is also used as an exchange of buying goods. The fruits of mahua are utilized as vegetable and mostly prepared curries by rural tribal peoples. However, the mahua tree is considered as medicinal tree and very useful for curing diseases like piles, skin diseases, headache, ulcer, constipation and many more. Mahua flower is not only used for the production of liquor but also used as an ingredient for the making of biscuit, cake, jam, jelly and sauces etc. The tree is considered as gold in forest dwellers and measured as fortunate thing for tribal. Oil is extracted from the flower used in cosmetic industry as well as for the purpose of cooking. Mahua tree is considered as a cultural heritage for the tribal people.

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Anubhuti Dwivedi, Aparajita Priyadarshini, Sadhni Induar. Mahua (Madhuca longifolia) flower and its application in food industry: A review. Int J Chem Stud 2022;10(1):80-84.
International Journal of Chemical Studies