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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 2 (2018)
Riverbed farming: Means of livelihood

Author(s): Vinod B Mor, HC Parmar and SR Patel

Abstract: Human population in India has been increasing tremendously and on other side land availability per capita (0.12 ha) for agriculture decreases. Under this situation, it becomes quite difficult for the poor farmers to sustain their livelihood. Riverbed farming or use of waste land is one of the best options for farmers to sustain their livelihood. Riverbed farming can be used to increase household income and improve the food security and living standard of landless and land-poor households of India. Unutilized dry riverbeds are resource that can be used for sustainable vegetable production. In many countries, cucurbitaceous vegetables are extensively being grown in riverbeds. Riverbed cultivation is very old practice of growing vegetables on the bank or basin of river after flood level recedes. This system is particularly useful for growing vegetables like cucurbits, tomato, okra, cowpea because of their long tap root system. In Middle Gujarat, Orsang River belt in tribal area of Chhota Udepur District is one of the best examples for riverbed Farming. Farmers connected with Orsang River are very good in Riverbed Farming which is generally done during November to February. In riverbed farming, pits or ditch system is adopted depending upon crop, labour availability and farmer's own choice. Today, in the era of climate change “Riverbed farming” is the best option for farmers as it offers the opportunity to use natural resources and sustain the farming even under the situation of environmental shocks like floods. Our Prime Minister dreams of doubling the income of farmers for fulfillment of which Riverbed farming is one of the best tools as it minimizes the cost of cultivation like fertilizer, irrigation, tillage, weeding operation etc.

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Vinod B Mor, HC Parmar, SR Patel. Riverbed farming: Means of livelihood. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(2):3423-3425.
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