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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 2 (2018)
Digestibility of indigenously developed sorghum based composite flours

Author(s): Varsha Kumari, Sangeeta Chahal Sindhu and Jyoti Singh

Abstract: Composite flours were developed using unprocessed/malted sorghum, blanched soybean and blanched banana flours in three different ratios, namely, 60:20:20; 50:30:20 and 40:30:30 respectively. The developed flours were analysed for their nutrient composition. The developed composite flours had 399.37 to 408.87 KCal energy / 100g, 27.99 to 36.03 per cent crude protein with lysine content varying from 5.82 to 9.32g/16gN. The percent protein digestibility varied from15.52 to 22.61 per cent and starch digestibility varied from 14.31 to 38.56 mg maltose released/g composite flour. Composite flours with malted sorghum had significantly (P=0.05) lower bulk density as compared to their counterparts containing unprocessed sorghum. Also they had significantly lower moisture, protein and fat content. Total lysine, in vitro protein as well as starch digestibility was also significantly (P=0.05) higher in composite flours developed with malted sorghum. Malting of sorghum resulted in nutritionally superior flours with low bulk density, improved starch and protein digestibility as well as lysine content. The developed composite flours can be prepared with readily available and cheap locally sourced raw materials. They have the potential to be used as base for complementary foods. The study offers an opportunity to increase the utilization of sorghum and reduce the burden on staple rice/wheat crops, thus contributing towards food security.

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Varsha Kumari, Sangeeta Chahal Sindhu, Jyoti Singh. Digestibility of indigenously developed sorghum based composite flours. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(2):3376-3379.
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