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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 2 (2018)
Usage pattern of cotton blended shoddy yarn for product development in industry

Author(s): Bharti Sharma, Dr. Nirmal Yadav and Dr. Saroj Yadav

Abstract: Shoddy is a term used for the category of recycling that “opens” textile waste and used clothing and returns them to fibrous form. In recent years there is need to develop techniques, methods and procedures for eco friendly process products which are environment safe. Recycling is becoming more and more relevant in today society in search for economy and minimal wastage of our resources. Moreover, Synthetic yarn is non bio-degradable and even bio-degradable substances also take a long period to decompose which further leads to pressure on land. Through shoddy industry, bulk of old clothing is recycled and products made from this yarn lead to reuse. In nutshell one may say that the process of shoddy yarn making is totally an eco-friendly process in which the major thrust area is recycling. The research was untaken to study the usage pattern of shoddy yarn for product development in industries. Ten shoddy industries in Panipat city of Haryana state were selected purposively, to collect information regarding usage pattern of cotton blended shoddy yarn. Data was collected using interview schedule and supplemented with observations. The results revealed that all the selected industries used cotton /cotton blended and wool/wool blended rags as raw material to make the blended shoddy yarn. Other rags used by majority of the industries were acrylic and its blends, polyester and its blends and nylon and its blends. The shoddy yarns were prepared using different blend proportions in 2.5, 4, 6, 8 & 10 counts in 2 ply yarn by all the industries. Prepared yarns and fabrics were tested for physical parameters. Rugs, foot mats and stool mats were the products prepared using cotton blended shoddy yarn with 2.5 and 4 count in all the industries. Khes, durries, beach towel with 8 and 10 count was prepared by 50 percent of the industries.

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Bharti Sharma, Dr. Nirmal Yadav, Dr. Saroj Yadav. Usage pattern of cotton blended shoddy yarn for product development in industry. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(2):3353-3355.
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