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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 2 (2018)
Physico-Chemical characterization of indigenous and exotic rice germplasm accessions for quality traits

Author(s): GC Ojha, AK Sarawgi and Niharika Ojha

Abstract: Improvement of rice grain quality is a major concern in rice breeding programs to increase the farmer income as well as meet out the consumer preference and market demand. The major aim of present investigation is to evaluate the 207 Indigenous and Exotic collection rice accessions for Physico-chemical characterization. Physico-chemical analysis relies on the rice chemical composition and sensory test like cooking quality, alkali spreading value, gel consistency and physical properties of cooked rice. The huge amounts of variability are found in present investigating materials. Analysis of variance was conducted to determine differences between check varieties with traits and block effect was found significant for quality traits i.e., kernel breadth after cooking, and kernel length breadth ratio after cooking was found significant and traits hulling percentage, head rice recovery, decorticated grain length, decorticated grain breadth, decorticated grain length breadth ratio, kernel length after cooking, gel consistency found non-significance. These results indicate that, blocking was not important for these traits. The some of the accessions were identified for important traits in which the accessions viz., EC 3545400, EC 457050, IC 466813 etc. were found for high hulling percentage, high milling percentage and head rice recovery accessions i.e., IC 577038 was identified, accessions viz., IC 377527, IC 462507, IC 377173 etc. having high decorticated grain length, accessions i.e., IC 89155, IC 282408, IC 310431 were identified for intermediate type of alkali spreading value and accessions viz., IC 114652, IC 332998, IC 377014 etc. having medium gel consistency. The accessions i.e., IC300202, IC343505, IC376473, IC376492, IC382577, IC418446, IC463907, IC463961, IC466813, IC467041, IC467085, IC579014 having high aroma. These results show that Physico-chemical characterization using the available test procedures can be effectively utilized in analysis of diversity in rice germplasm as well as quality rice improvement programme.

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GC Ojha, AK Sarawgi, Niharika Ojha. Physico-Chemical characterization of indigenous and exotic rice germplasm accessions for quality traits. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(2):3231-3236.
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