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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 2 (2018)
Effect of moisture absorber and packaging materials on quality parameters of Jaggery cubes

Author(s): Khan Chand and and Shusheel Kumar

Abstract: Jaggery (Gur) industry is one of the old and large agro-processing cottage industries in India. However it has problems related to keeping quality mainly in rainy season. The main problems associated with jaggery storage are liquefaction and deterioration of color. It’s storage is highly influenced due to presence of invert sugars and mineral salt which are hygroscopic in nature. This study was undertaken was to evaluate the quality characteristics of jaggery for 180days with different treatments of active packaging, edible coating material and different sizes of high density polyethylene bags. The pH of stored edible coated jaggery with active packaged varied from 5.47 to 5.74 hardness and total viable counts varies from 160.67 to 179.98 and 17 to 27 × 103CFU/g and colour difference (ΔE) ranges from 25.01 to 39.26 showed better colour of the product. The hardness decreased with the increased the value of thickness of HDPE bags followed by moisture absorber (p<0.01). For good quality jaggery, the following independent variables were recommended as moisture absorber (8g), concentration of CMC and HPMC (1.178 g/ml) and thickness of high density polyethylene bags (197µ). It was concluded from the present study that problems because of absorption of moisture and microbial attack could be overcome using moisture absorber, applying edible coating on jaggery and packing it high density polyethylene bags and storing it under controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity.

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Khan Chand, and Shusheel Kumar. Effect of moisture absorber and packaging materials on quality parameters of Jaggery cubes. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(2):1398-1404.
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