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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 2 (2018)
Shoddy woollen industries: Say no to dye chemicals

Author(s): Neelam Saini, Saroj Yadav and Neelam M Rose

Abstract: Dyes used in textiles industries to add color the raw material and end product. Dyes can be synthetic, which means they are scientifically made with chemicals or natural. Today’s textile industries uses different types of dyes for enhancing the fabric/ garment and create huge amount of water with chemicals i.e. basic chemicals, washing agent, detergents, scouring agents, levelling agent, whitening agent etc. Which create the pollution problems in environment cause health problems as well as wastage of huge amount of water. So the shoddy industries make a solution to overcome these problems is recycling of old clothes. The present study was conducted in Panipat city of Haryana state. Panipat city was selected purposively because Panipat is the hub of shoddy units and easy approachable. Total number of twenty units was selected randomly with the help of District Industries Centre, Panipat, comprising 10 units engaged in yarn manufacturing units and 10 units in products manufacturing units were studied and technical information was gathered from owners/ representatives of the shoddy units. The information was collected by self structured interview schedule to regarding establishment year of shoddy units, age group of owners and education status of the owners of units. The results revealed that most of the owners were graduates in both types of shoddy units. Wool, polyester and acrylic were used by all units as raw material followed by cotton in fewer amounts. Polyester, acrylic and cotton was highly used by units as blending fibres with wool for manufacturing of shoddy blankets, rugs with good strength. No single units were using any type of dyes for manufacturing the yarns/ fibre and fabric. Thus, the recycling process is eco- friendly and safe for environment also.

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Neelam Saini, Saroj Yadav, Neelam M Rose. Shoddy woollen industries: Say no to dye chemicals. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(2):1572-1576.
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