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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 2 (2018)
Plant based ethno-veterinary medicine used by farmers in Udupi District of Karnataka

Author(s): Dhananjaya B, Vinod, Navinkumar and Shashidhara KK

Abstract: The review on scientific rationale behind the people`s Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) practiced by farmers of Udupi district showed the striking relevance for the sustainence in farming system. Perusal of the technologies listed indicated that the close observation of the nature and the experience in interaction with its components were largely responsible for their evolution. Low cost, simplicity and affordability made the technologies more popular and practical. The influence of ethnobotanical knowledge in crop management, plant protection and animal health, mitigation of natures fury in storage practices and immediate requirements for simplicity, manoeuvrable and handy farm implements were the main reasons for the general acceptance. It is observed that instead of singal drug local people of this region used combined formulations of medicinal plants. Because they believe that the combined formulation is more powerful than singal plant or mixture. In the present formulation 19 plants species were used with 7 other ingredients. Etnobotanical knowledge for curing the ailment of cattle was evident. The rationale was also supported with the scientific relevance. However, the validation of dosage need to be made before the acceptance.

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Dhananjaya B, Vinod, Navinkumar, Shashidhara KK. Plant based ethno-veterinary medicine used by farmers in Udupi District of Karnataka. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(2):958-961.
International Journal of Chemical Studies