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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2018)
Impact of Different Doses and Methods of Application of Paclobutrazol on Leaf Area and Flush Length of Litchi Cultivars

Author(s): Ankit Kumar Pandey, Prabhakar Singh and Sanjay Kumar Singh

Abstract: Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) an important subtropical evergreen fruit crop is highly specific to climatic requirements. Initiation and development of litchi floral buds occurs in the winter, leading to anthesis in early to late spring. The effects of either ring basin (RB) or trunk soil line pore (TSLP) method of application of paclobutrazol (1.00-4.00 g per m canopy diameter) during September, for Leaf area and Flush length of 2 cultivars of Litchi were investigated during 2016-17. In India, litchi produces two growth flushes i.e., first during August followed by the second one during November apart from the initial flushing just after fruit harvest. The flushing habit of litchi varieties was intimately connected with irregular bearing and due to vegetative growth prior to panicle emergence and flowering eliminating the crop completely. One method to manipulate flowering is to use the plant growth regulators particularly the growth retardants like, paclobutrazol. The post-flushing application of a small amount of paclobutrazol to the soil significantly promotes flowering and fruiting in the following year. Typically, leaves that formed after paclobutrazol treatment were smaller and darker green than leaves that developed before treatment or on control plants. Leaf area, we found to be non-significant due to method of application of Paclobutrazol. The first flush emerged during July measured between 11.11 cm to 15.33 cm in various treatments. After treatment in September, the flush length in different experimental plant of China was between 11.33 to 13.24 cm in China. Before emergence of panicle during November the flush length showed reducing growth trends

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Ankit Kumar Pandey, Prabhakar Singh, Sanjay Kumar Singh. Impact of Different Doses and Methods of Application of Paclobutrazol on Leaf Area and Flush Length of Litchi Cultivars. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(1):1422-1425.
International Journal of Chemical Studies