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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2018)
Characterization of groundwater quality of Kalayat block of Kaithal district, Haryana

Author(s): Parveen Rathi, Ramprakash, Raman Sharma and Naveen Rathi

Abstract: The present survey was carried out to assess and categorize the quality of groundwater of Kalayat block of Kaithal district by focusing on spatial variability of pH, electrical conductivity (EC), cationic and anionic composition of the groundwater. It was found that pH of water samples was neutral to alkaline in nature in Kalayat block ranging between 7.04 to 9.59 with a mean of 7.99. The lowest value of pH in the water sample was observed in Kheri Lamba village and highest value was observed in Shimla village. Nearly 88% of the water samples showed EC below 6 dSm-1 and it ranged from 0.74 dSm-1 to 7.72 dSm-1 with maximum value at Mator village. Residual sodium carbonate (RSC) and sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) varied from nil to 6.68 me L-1 and 5.08-18.05 (m mol L-1)½, respectively. Concentration of Na+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Cl- and SO42- increased with increase in the EC of the water samples and the magnitude of increase in Na+, Mg2+, Cl- and SO42-concentration was much higher than Ca2+. Concentration of HCO3- and CO32- were also found to be in appreciable quantities whereas NO3- was recorded in low quantity and their concentration did not show any relation with EC of groundwater. Contour maps of EC, pH, SAR, RSC and quality of groundwater in the block were plotted through GIS to study spatial variability of these parameters. According to AICRP classification, it was found that 13.73% water samples were of good quality, 60.79% were saline and 25.49% were sodic in nature. In saline water group, 21.57% samples were marginally saline and 39.22% were high SAR saline and in alkali group, 13.73% samples were marginally alkali and 11.76% were high alkali.

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Parveen Rathi, Ramprakash, Raman Sharma, Naveen Rathi. Characterization of groundwater quality of Kalayat block of Kaithal district, Haryana. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(1):981-985.
International Journal of Chemical Studies