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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2018)
To study the effect of different salt solution on swelling behaviour of Nano clay polymer composite superabsorbent

Author(s): Mahendra Kumar Verma and Nirmal DE

Abstract: The benefits of superabsorbent composite application in agricultural or forest areas with dry weather to improve water resource ‘ management efficiency’ were studied using a novel superabsorbent composite (NCPC) with high swelling properties was synthesized by polymerization reaction with 10% acrylic acid, acrylamide, 0.9% ammonium per sulphate as initiator, 0.12% N,N’- methylene bis acrylamide as cross linker loaded with 10% Pure, FYM modified and CTAB modified Montmorillonite clay at 650C reaction temperature in presence of nitrogen gas. Modified clay imparts slow release property and enhances the water holding capacity of soil. The Superabsorbent prepare were characterized by swelling behaviors of the superabsorbent were also investigated. Results showed that the proper amount incorporation of FYM modified montmorillonite could form a loose, porous surface and improve the water absorbency, swelling rate, salt resistant property and water retention capacity. The found maximum water absorbency for T4 (179.09g/g) Hot water FYM extract modified Montmorillonite clay was higher than T3 (141.61g/g) Pure Montmorillonite clay in distilled water. The present study focus on the water absorbency decreased with increasing the concentration of NaCl, CaCl2 and FeCl3 salt solution from 0.01M to 1M for all the samples. The swelling behaviour of the superabsorbent was depends on % loaded of P concentration in NCPC. When added of superabsorbent composites in soil exhibited good water retention ability i.e. for extra 16 day compare than no application of superabsorbent. According to the performance eco-friendly NCPC as a superabsorbent, it can be use as a promising candidate for application in various fields like rainfed and drought condition.

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International Journal of Chemical Studies
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Mahendra Kumar Verma, Nirmal DE. To study the effect of different salt solution on swelling behaviour of Nano clay polymer composite superabsorbent. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(1):768-775.
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