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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 6, Issue 1 (2018)
Organic farming in India: Prospects and practices

Author(s): Davinder Singh, Tarsem Singh Dhillon, Rajinder Singh and RajKumar

Abstract: The desire of human being to get more and more from natural resources results in degradation of biodiversity and different portions of the environment. Sustainability is much more important at present to save the natural resources of the planet. Sustainable agriculture is the successful supervision of resources to satisfy the changing human requirements with enhancing the quality of environment and conserving natural resources. Organic farming is the tactic found to meet the objectives of sustainable agriculture for management of different aspects of the environment. Organic farming is a system of production that trusts on animal manures, organic wastes, crop rotations, legumes and aspects of biological pest control that are not strange to agriculture systems including the traditional agricultural practices. The use of pesticides, fertilizers and growth regulators prohibited in organic production system. It is the management production system that promotes and improves biodiversity, biological cycles and biological activity of the soil. Thus, making the soil capable of supplying all the essential nutrients to the crop for its proper growth and development. Farmer’s hesitation towards organic farming in India is due to non-availability of sufficient bio fertilizers, organic supplements and local market for organic produce and non-awareness to certification and guidelines. An integrated effort is needed from government and nongovernment agencies to inspire farmers to follow the organic farming practices as a solution to sustainability of all integral parts of the environment.

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Davinder Singh, Tarsem Singh Dhillon, Rajinder Singh, RajKumar. Organic farming in India: Prospects and practices. Int J Chem Stud 2018;6(1):227-233.
International Journal of Chemical Studies