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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2017)
Co-inoculation response of Rhizobium and PGPR on soybean and chickpea

Author(s): FC Amule, AK Rawat and DLN Rao

Abstract: Field experiments were carried out during 2011-12 in Vertisols of central India on soybean-chickpea cropping sequence. Soybean and chickpea crops were grown in kharif and rabi seasons respectively with 17 treatments (previously screened 3 best isolates each of Rhizobium and PGPR as mono-inoculation and their combinations as co-inoculation along with fertilized uninoculated control (FUI) and unfertilized uninoculated control (UFUI) using RBD with four replications. Co-inoculation of rhizobia with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) played an important role in both promotion of nodulation and plant growth of leguminous crops. In this study, the effect of mono-inoculation and co-inoculation on soybean and chickpea were observed on soil properties, nodulation, yield, total nutrient uptake by crop, harvest index, nitrogen harvest index and additional BNF (biological nitrogen fixation). Status of major available soil nutrients was found better in the post harvest soil samples after both the crops (soybean and chickpea) which received co-inoculation (Rhizobium + PGPR) as compared to mono-inoculation. 14 kg soil available N was found as left over N by soybean crop for chickpea. Co-inoculation played a synergistic role with native rhizobacteria for promotion of nodulation, better additional BNF (biological nitrogen fixation), seed yield, harvest index and nitrogen harvest index of soybean and chickpea due to co-inoculation of seed as compared to mono-inoculation, FUI and UFUI. Significant correlations for both the crops between total nitrogen uptake, soybean grain and straw yield with oven dried weight of nodules were also observed.

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FC Amule, AK Rawat, DLN Rao. Co-inoculation response of Rhizobium and PGPR on soybean and chickpea. Int J Chem Stud 2017;5(6):2094-2102.
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