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Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2017)

Evaluation of Physico-chemical properties of selected chilli cultivars

Author(s): Kirti Jalgaonkar and Manoj Kumar Mahawar

Abstract: The present investigation was carried out to determine the physico-chemical properties of selected dried chilli cultivars i.e. Guntur, Guntur Brown and Byadgi. Varieties differ in axial dimensions, weight, seed and stalk content. The single chilli weight and length of Guntur, Guntur Brown and Byadgi chilli was 0.85g, 1.37g, 1.35 g and 95.90 mm, 113.05 mm, 113.20 mm, respectively. L/B ratio of chilli cultivars was varied from 6.71 to 8.58. Seed and stalk content was highest in Byadgi chilli (51.50% and 10.98%) followed by Guntur Brown (30.80 % and 6.97%) and Guntur (13.95% and 7.07%). The bulk density of Guntur was highest (0.130±3.78 g/cc) compared to Guntur brown (0.089±2.21g/cc) and Byadgi (0.069±2.26 g/cc). Coefficient of static friction was highest in plywood than mild steel and galvanized iron. The quality parameters viz. colour, total carotenoids content, ash content, total extractable colour and total phenol content of chilli powder obtained from whole chilli was significantly different from destalked chilli powder. The colour value of destalked Byadgi chilli powder was observed to be 32.31 (L*), 98.47 (a*), 36.12 (b*) and was found much better than whole Byadgi chilli powder 32.28 (L*), 91.70 (a*), 38.65 (b*). Similar trend was found in Guntur and Guntur Brown chilli. Highest carotenoids content and total extractable colour were obtained in Guntur brown chilli followed by Byadgi chilli and Guntur chilli. Results showed that the presence of chilli has deteriorated the quality and its removal is recommended for further industrial applications.

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Kirti Jalgaonkar, Manoj Kumar Mahawar. Evaluation of Physico-chemical properties of selected chilli cultivars. Int J Chem Stud 2017;5(6):2076-2079.

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