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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 5, Issue 5 (2017)
Package of practices with respect to usage of pesticides in selected food grains grown in central Telangana zone of Andhra Pradesh

Author(s): Divya K, Sushma Rani T and Uma Maheswari K

Abstract: The use of pesticides has become inevitable in agriculture due to diverse reasons. Presence of harmful pesticide residues in the foods consumed had a negative impact on an individual’s health. Pesticide residues in foods are currently a major public health concern in developed countries as well as in developing countries due to increased demand of food grains and needs of growing population. Hence, less priority is given for the qualitative aspects as concentrating more on the quantitative aspects of the farmers. This certainly affects the economy of farmer and the nation as a whole. Consequently, there is excessive use of pesticides to combat the issues. Pesticide usage is an age old practice and over the decades, there have been various alterations in the pattern of usage owing to surged awareness. Therefore, the current investigation was undertaken to know the usage of pesticides and pros and cons of their application, the recommended package of practices and the existing package of practices with regard to the usage of pesticides and crops selected for the present study were jowar, maize, blackgram and bengalgram. The recommended package of practices of pesticide usage by the farmers was studied using structured questionnaire specifically developed for the study. The information of the questionnaire was statistically analyzed by frequency distribution. The number of farmers interviewed was 90 at Warangal, Medak and Khammam districts of Central Telangana Zone of Andhra Pradesh. The results revealed that most of the farmers (40.0%) were illiterates, besides that agriculture farmers were exploring ancillary occupation such as horticulture (10.0%), poultry (14.0%) and dairy (69.0%). Most of the farmers applying pesticides greater than the recommended dosage/acre and few of the farmers were getting recommended yield followed by less recommended yield and very less member of the farmers getting more than recommended yield. So, finally concluded that the Farmers in the zone experienced many health implications as a consequence of unsafe handling and application of pesticides, due to lack of knowledge. There is a need to educate the farmers about ill health effects of not taking proper precautions during the application of pesticides and to avoid the minor and major health ailments.

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Divya K, Sushma Rani T, Uma Maheswari K. Package of practices with respect to usage of pesticides in selected food grains grown in central Telangana zone of Andhra Pradesh. Int J Chem Stud 2017;5(5):1526-1530.
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