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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 5, Issue 5 (2017)
Evaluation of propaquizafop: A new molecule as post emergence herbicide in potato

Author(s): Shiv Pratap Singh, S Rawal, VK Dua, S Roy, MJ Sadaworti and SK Sharma

Abstract: A field experiment was conducted during winter seasons of 2011-12 and 2012-13 to evaluate different doses of propaquizafop herbicide along with weed free and weedy check treatments in west - central region of India. The field was mainly infested with Chenopodium murale, Chenopodium album, Celosia argentia. Among monocot grasses Echinochloa crusgallis was prominent weed. Though there was variability in weed count under different herbicide doses but it was statistically on par with weedy check treatment which had highest weed density (91 m-2), while weed free recorded lowest. Weeding + earthing (18 m-2) treatment also recorded statistically lower number of weeds. Inefficient weed control by the molecule resulted in poor yield attributes and yield of potato. Total tuber number was highest with weeding + earthing treatment (355000 ha-1) remaining statistically superior over various levels of propaquizafop and total tuber yield was also maximum in weed free plots (22.8 t ha-1) which was markedly higher over propaquizafop doses. It is clear from WI that non control of weeds caused reduction in tuber yield ranging from 13 – 25 % in different herbicide treatments. Uptake of nitrogen was highest with weedy check (153 kg ha-1) which was significantly higher over all other treatments. Highest Gross (₹183000 ha-1), net return (₹103000 ha-1) and B: C ratio (2.3) were recorded with weed free treatment. Relative production efficiency (30%) and water use efficiency (91 kg tuber ha-1-mm) was also highest with weed free treatment. Weeding + earthing treatment produced 55% lower weed dry weight, 17.6% higher tuber yield and increased net returnby 94% over weedy check. Weed control by weeding + earthing increased water use efficiency by 18% compared to weedy check. Overall analysis of data suggests that post emergence application of herbicide propaquizafop was not effective in controlling weeds in potato.

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Shiv Pratap Singh, S Rawal, VK Dua, S Roy, MJ Sadaworti, SK Sharma. Evaluation of propaquizafop: A new molecule as post emergence herbicide in potato. Int J Chem Stud 2017;5(5):1216-1220.
International Journal of Chemical Studies