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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 5, Issue 4 (2017)
Water quality of Bishnumati River in the Kathmandu valley

Author(s): Khuma Sharma Dhital

Abstract: The condition of the rivers in the Kathmandu Valley has been rapidly degrading. Several governmental and nongovernmental institutions, civil society organizations and other stakeholders are working to improve the environmental conditions of these rivers. Thus the main purpose of this study was to see whether water quality of Bishnumati River was suitable for aquatic lives. Seven stations; Panimuhan, Tokha, Jalbinayak, Gongabu, Shobhabhagawati, Teku before-mixing in Bagmati and Teku after-mixing in Bagmati River were selected for sampling. Water sampling was performed in March 2016 for analyzing eleven physicochemical and biochemical parameters such as Temperature, pH, Total solid, Total hardness, Alkalinity, Chloride, Turbidity, Ammonia, DO, BOD and COD methods. The pH of all sites was found to be neutral. The pH of river water ranged from 7.0 to 7.4 in this study indicating potable for organisms.The turbidity of Jalbinayak was maximum 469 NTU and that of Panimuhan was minimum indicating less particles in initial point. The alkalinity of Teku after-mixing Bagmati was the highest and Panimuhan showed lowest alkalinity. Panimuhan had the lowest amount of chloride. Shobhabhagawati and Teku after-mixing with Bagmati site had higher amount of chloride. Total Hardness of Panimuhan and Tokha were found to be 1.48 and 1.68 mg/l respectively indicating the water of those stations were soft. Shobhabhagawati had the highest total hardness of 3.28 mg/l. The DO of Tokha, Jalbinayak and Gongabu was decreasing as moving down-streams whereas the BOD was increasing on moving down-streams.

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