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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 5, Issue 4 (2017)
Collar rot (Aspergillus niger) a serious disease of groundnut, its present status and future prospects

Author(s): Manju Kumari, Dr. OP Sharma and Mahabeer singh

Abstract: Collar rot disease of groundnut is one of the most serious, destructive diseases in and yield losses range from 13 to 52% and can be as high as 93.6% in some areas. Collar rot nature is often seed and soil borne. Being mainly a soil-inhabiting pathogen, many environmental and soil factors are responsible for the development of disease. No systematic research related to the biology, ecology and epidemiology of collar rot in groundnut has been conducted so far. To combat this problem, research is needed to improve the identification and characterisation of variability within its epidemiological and pathological niches and development of disease resistant groundnut hybrids. Moreover, various chemical and biological control methods have been developed but ma¬jor emphasis is on development of groundnut cultivars with genetic resistance to for environment friendly control of the collar rot disease. The current paper reviews the information on distribution, impact of the disease, symptoms, variability, host resistance and Management approaches has been enumerated to understand the present status of knowledge about collar rot and will try to focus on the future perspectives available to improve collar rot management.

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Manju Kumari, Dr. OP Sharma, Mahabeer singh. Collar rot (Aspergillus niger) a serious disease of groundnut, its present status and future prospects. Int J Chem Stud 2017;5(4):914-919.
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