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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 5, Issue 4 (2017)
Separation and determination of cresol isomers (Ortho, Meta, Para)

Author(s): Kiran Y Paranjpe

Abstract: Alkylation of phenol has attracted attention of scientists since the beginning of synthetic era. While testing some catalysts for improving selectivity of phenol alkylation we came across a hurdle of analyzing mixture of cresol isomers. Gas chromatographic methods available for separation of cresol isomers are very sensitive and require costly specific chromatographic columns which are considerably unstable. UV method available in literature; works well for analyzing pure isomeric mixture but fails when it’s a matter of analyzing reaction mass. Few HPLC methods are also available in literature, in lieu of developing alternate, simpler, fast, economic HPLC method, we developed the method being discussed. In this work we introduce a simple, fast, economic and isocratic reverse phase HPLC Method. The total run time was less than 40 min. Most of the HPLC methods use Acetonitrile as eluent. An acute shortage of Acetonitrile has lead to increased demand and thus hiked price. In an effort to practice green chemistry this study was planned so as to substitute Acetonitrile with a dilute, safer and less toxic eluent (Methanol).

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Kiran Y Paranjpe. Separation and determination of cresol isomers (Ortho, Meta, Para). Int J Chem Stud 2017;5(4):300-301.
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