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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 5, Issue 2 (2017)
Isolation and species specification Mycobacterium spp. from bovine tuberculosis

Author(s): P Konch, B Dutta, S Goswami, AG Barua, GK Saikia and B Banik

Abstract: Bovine Tuberculosis (BTB) is a chronic devasting disease which occurs in diverse group of animal (domestic, certain free and captive wild species) may allow the host to survive for many months, even years, without any clinical symptoms. Smears/impression smears were prepared from nasal swabs of single intra dermal (TST) positive and doubtful animals, necropcised animals and slaughtered animal tissue samples. Isolation of Mycobacterium spp. was attempted from nasal swabs of TST positive, doubtful and negative animals; necropsied and slaughtered animals tissues. DNA was extracted from the isolated Mycobacterium spp. with the help of DNA Sure Tissue Mini Kit (Genetics Brand) following manufacture’s instruction. In Impression smears from nasal swabs, Acid fast bacilli were demonstrated in the nasal smear of tuberculin positive animals. The tested animals in the present investigation might be in active form of the disease leading to shedding of organism in nasal discharges. Impression smears from tissue samples, Acid-fast bacilli were observed in the impression smear of lungs, liver and lymph nodes obtained from slaughtered as well as necropsied animal. The organism could be demonstrated more in lung tissues in comparison to liver and lymph nodes. The isolated colonies of Mycobacterium spp. were characterized by small moist and granular, yellowish in colour with whitish orange shine. In Isolation from slaughtered animal samples, Mycobacterium spp. was isolated from the lungs and liver samples of slaughtered animals. All the Mycobacterium bovis isolates generated products of Mycobacterium bovis specific pncA and oxyR at 185bp and 280bp respectively, while no products in M. tuberculosis specific pncA and oxyR gene.

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P Konch, B Dutta, S Goswami, AG Barua, GK Saikia, B Banik. Isolation and species specification Mycobacterium spp. from bovine tuberculosis. Int J Chem Stud 2017;5(2):535-540.
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