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Vol. 5, Issue 2 (2017)

Climate change and its impact on the Agriculture

Author(s): Dr. Sudhir Kumar Rawat

Abstract: Climate change refers to the changes beyond average atmospheric conditions, which are caused by both natural and human activities. The foremost important aspect of this variation is that the earth’s average climate is gradually raising thanks to the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission in the atmosphere. The research on heating challenges plenty of uncertainties. In the trail of this research, the simplest predictions that were made about climate rise were on the premise of greenhouse emission emissions, which is probabilistic in nature. These uncertainties are because of the dearth of adequate knowledge domain or insufficient accuracy in predictions, which can be expected to enhance over time. With regard to agriculture, we shall first highlight the three important aspects so as to exhibit the connection between global climate change and agriculture. Firstly, climate change features a direct effect on the biological aspects of plant growth. Secondly, the impact of climate change on agriculture is taken into account due to the interaction between direct biological effects on the one hand, and biosphere and geosphere effects like soil conditions, seed–water–fertiliser–pesticide technologies, plant entomology etc. on the opposite hand. Thirdly, we've got to contemplate the impact of global climate change on society and economy additionally, managing the challenges posed by warming on existing social and economic conditions, particularly in rural areas. Global climate change is predicted to own different sort of effects in between agro-ecological regions, farming systems and different social classes and groups. More importantly climate is that the most vital variable of climate change. Where, one among the most important effects of increase in climate results the speed of the crop growth period especially during the grain-filling stage causing lower yields.

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Dr. Sudhir Kumar Rawat. Climate change and its impact on the Agriculture. Int J Chem Stud 2017;5(2):548-551.
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