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Vol. 4, Issue 2 (2016)

Nanotechnology for waste water treatment

Author(s): Ms. Sulekha

Abstract: Sufficient and adequate supply of clean, safe and potable water on a regular basis, are among the foremost issues faced by the people now a days. To accomplish this objective wastewater should be treated so that it can be reused and also the environment should be saved by the harmful effects of the untreated wastewater. Here we will study the use of nanotechnology that can help in wastewater treatment. As we all know traditional wastewater treatment technologies continue to be ineffective for providing ample safe water due to increasing demand of water along with severe health guidelines and emerging contaminants. The development of cost-effective and steady materials and methods for providing the drinkable water in sufficient amounts is the need of the present world. Nanotechnology-based multifunctional and highly efficient processes are providing affordable solutions to wastewater treatments that do not require large infrastructures or centralized systems. The aim of the present study is to review the possible applications of the nanotechnology for the removal of pollutants from wastewater.

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International Journal of Chemical Studies International Journal of Chemical Studies
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Ms. Sulekha. Nanotechnology for waste water treatment. Int J Chem Stud 2016;4(2):22-24.
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