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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2014)
Estimation of bulk density, moisture content, specific gravity, liquid and plastic limit of soil at Sirsa (Haryana)

Author(s): Dr. Gurcharan Dass

Abstract: A geotechnical site investigation is the process of collecting information and evaluating the conditions of the site for the purpose of designing and constructing the foundation for a structure, such as a building, plant or bridge. Shear strength property of soil plays a major role in controlling the stability of a soil mass under structural loads. Determination of shear strength parameters such as cohesion and angle of internal friction are needed for the evaluation of bearing capacity of foundations, the assessment of the stability of a slope, etc. Hence, it is always essential to measure this property before design of foundation of any structure. In this study, a detailed survey was carried out within a 5 km radius of Sirsa and 10 locations were identified for soil sampling. The soil samples were collected at 50 cm depth from ground surface and analyzed for different geotechnical properties like bulk density, dry density, natural moisture content, specific gravity, particle size, liquid limit, plastic limit, plasticity index and shear strength parameters (cohesion and angle of shearing resistance). With the help of particle size distribution curves, coefficient of uniformity and coefficient of curvature were evaluated to find out the gradation of particles. Influence of the geotechnical properties of soils on shear strength parameters was studied. Stepwise regression procedure was carried out for the selection of most influencing variables. Incorporating selected variables, multiple regression models were developed for the prediction of shear strength parameters. The performance of the multiple regression models were assessed in terms of correlation coefficient, F-statistics and residuals pattern. Using the developed models, shear strength parameters can be computed for the study area, which will be helpful for the determination of bearing capacity of soil.

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Dr. Gurcharan Dass. Estimation of bulk density, moisture content, specific gravity, liquid and plastic limit of soil at Sirsa (Haryana). Int J Chem Stud 2014;2(4):60-66.
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