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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 2, Issue 1 (2014)
An experiment on electrolysis at high voltage D.C

Author(s): Parantap Nandi

Abstract: Electrolysis finds a variety of industrial applications viz. electroplating, electro refining and synthesis of certain chemicals. Most of these processes rely on low voltage and high current. Some typical chemicals can be synthesized only above a certain minimum value of current. Voltage is generally not important in such cases. Anything between 6-12V D.C is good enough. The process (electrolysis) under ordinary circumstances is not carried out at high voltages (>100V). But such high voltages may be easily obtained from a simple rectifier circuit even at home. When applied across a solution such high voltages cause currents in the range of mA to flow through the circuit. The high resistance of the solution restricts the current to such a low value. Hydrogen can be easily synthesized by such method. Various other compounds having varying chemical properties can also be prepared by electrolyzing proper solutions using metal electrodes. Co (NO3)2.6H2O, FeCl3 (anhydrous), CdCl2 & NaCl were electrolyzed with copper electrodes at such high voltages and the behaviors of the products were studied.

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Parantap Nandi. An experiment on electrolysis at high voltage D.C. Int J Chem Stud 2014;2(1):46-49.
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