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International Journal of Chemical Studies

Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2013)
Use of Resin Based Systems for the Treatment of Wastewater Generated from Educational Institutes

Author(s): Deepika Kansal

Abstract: Private education institutes have come up in a large manner over last few years in north India. Many of these are located over private lands in far- off places and provide for hostel and mess facilities. The pollution control boards are therefore persuading these institutes to create their own sewage treatment facilities. This academic exercise is the research work of author on evaluation of resin based pollution control systems on laboratory scale. The need for this project is felt by the author due to large flow variations in the sewage volumes particularly during holidays which may extend over one month. The traditional sewage treatment systems get disrupted due to low feed in this period. Stabilization of biological systems two or three times in a year is considerable task with the institutes. Trials are undertaken using macroporous poly (vinylbenzyl-trimethylammonium) exchanger, a strong-base anion-exchange resin and macroporous-type anion exchange resin with a polystyrene matrix, a weak-base anion marketed for removal of organic matter. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) reduction in the range of 50-60% is observed. With Biological Oxygen demand (BOD) standards for discharge of treated sewage over land being 100 mg/L (milligram per liter) it makes sense in undertaking pilot scale studies on resin based treatment systems for treatment of domestic sewage. The management of educational institutes can tie up with manufacturer’s of wastewater treatment systems to undertake such pilot studies and help develop systems that in long are not only economical and easy to operate but also provide excellent resistance to shock loadings.

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