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International Journal of Chemical Studies
Vol. 7, Issue 2 (2019)

Performance of cotton genotypes for water stress tolerance

Author(s): DG Dalvi, KS Baig and JD Deshmukh
Abstract: Changing climate is influencing the onset withdrawal and distribution of monsoon rainfall cotton production in limited by biotic and abiotic stress factors. Among them drought or water deficit is a complex phenomenon effecting the physiology of cotton plant in turn reduces crop growth and yield. An experiment was conducted in two years during 2013-14 to 2014-15 using twenty Gossypium hirsutum genotypes grown in RBD design at cotton Research station Nanded to evaluated for genotypic variability for growth, physiological parameters and yield parameters under irrigated as will as in water deficit rainfed condition. The two years pooled analysis showed that among the 20 genotypes, the strain TSH-04-115 followed by RAH-806, BS-37, NH-615(LC) and BS-39 were recorded significantly highest seed cotton yield (kg/ha) associated with higher yield /plant (g), No. of bolls/plant and boll weight (g) in both protected and unprotected condition. The genotype ARBH-1352, GBHV-182, NDLH-1938 and SCS-1213 were recorded (9.0 to 15.5%) least reduction in yield, CSI, DSI (< 1.0), higher RWC(%), Proline content(%) and yield stability index in rainfed condition. Similarly, these genotypes shows earliness in terms of 50% flowering and 50% boll bursting and possesses high degree of indices for DMSI, LASI, PHSI, YSI, LAI, CSI, total chlorophyll, SLW and RWC with least (< 1.0) drought susceptibility index (S) and also least yield reduction under rainfed condition indicating better water stress tolerance capacity. These genotypes can be used as desirable genotypes for drought conditions.
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DG Dalvi, KS Baig and JD Deshmukh. Performance of cotton genotypes for water stress tolerance. International Journal of Chemical Studies. 2019; 7(2): 59-63.
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